Samba Packs

Samba Percussion conjures up many images. You think of Carnival in Rio, a whole Bateria of drummers, singers and dancers making the most explosive and loudest acoustic sound in the world. You think of the softer, quiter indoor Samba which is Pagode, with similar rhythms but different instruments. You also think of congas and bongos played by some of the finest percussionists in the world. Samba is a group activity, with a collection of simple rhythms melded together into a coherent piece of music. Each samba percussion instruments pack is designed to work musically when playing various Samba rhythms. There are of course some rhythms which need more samba instruments than those included in the 10 pack, but usually the addition of one extra bass drum can fill the gap. It is possible to play certain rhythms with only one Surdo and use no shakers at all, some need more of a mix, with three distinct bass parts and a collection of 6 or 7 different percussive sounds to colour the rhythm and add to the musical effect.

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