Samba Workshops

Samba Workshops For Schools, Colleges, Businesses And Community Groups

Samba drumming workshops are not only great fun but full of learning opportunities! We can provide Samba Workshops for Schools, Colleges, Businesses, Community Groups and Healthcare organisations. In particular, samba drumming workshops are great for corporate team building events, away days and conferences.

Samba drumming workshops are a very positive activity for a wide variety of organisations and groups of all kinds. They are a way of developing team working AND personal skills, away from the pressures of normal everyday activities ..and it's great ....

We are also now able to provide Brazilian dance workshops to run alongside our Brazilian percussion workshop sessions.

What will you get out of it?

Playing samba and drumming creates a lot of fun and enjoyment. To spend a few hours learning to play unfamiliar rhythms on instruments you may never even have seen before, and then to produce a creditable performance is enormously rewarding.

People find they can usually produce an acceptable sound on an instrument relatively quickly, without having to put in hours of practice. This makes samba workshops accessible to people of all ages and abilities. These are some of the things you may experience:

  • Playing alongside other beginners helps to dispel nervousness
  • Confidence and fulfillment from playing together as a group
  • A sense of pride in the overall musical sound that is produced
  • Encouragement and enhancement of teamwork

Although this sounds like hard work, samba drumming workshops can be very relaxing, because in concentrating on listening and playing, there is no room left for all other thoughts and stresses which normally fill your head. Playing samba is about working together as a team, rather than individual performance, readily demonstrating the notion of 'the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. On an individual level, you can:

  • Improve your co-ordination
  • Gain a better sense of rhythm
  • Develop your listening skills - you will find that you can gradually learn to listen to other patterns whilst sustaining your own part

What will you be doing?

People learn samba by listening, so you do not need to have any previous experience of playing an instrument or the ability to read music. Samba Workshops include:

  • An explanation of the basics
  • Learning patterns for each instrument
  • Playing both in sections and together as a whole group
  • Learning visual and whistle cues for starting and stopping
  • Learning 'breaks' - the introduction of a different pattern, or a section playing on its own
  • Learning two or three different rhythms

How long does a samba workshop last?

The more time there is available, the more you will be able to achieve, by becoming more comfortable and proficient in playing, learning a wider variety of rhythms and acquiring performance skills. Workshops can be:

  • A few hours
  • A weekend
  • Away days (one or two days)
  • A course of shorter sessions
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Percussion And Samba Drumming Workshops For Schools And Colleges.

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Samba And Percussion Drumming Workshops For Business, Corporate And Professional Events.

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