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Percussion And Samba Drumming Workshops For Community Groups And Youth Organisations

Percussion and samba percussion workshops or programmes are a great way to help teach young people how to work together to achieve something worthwhile. If you are a scout leader, guide leader or leader of a youth or community group then drumming workshops are a great way to instill discipline, team working and of course, it's also great fun!

No previous experience is necessary and unlike other activities everyone can join in the fun.

We have experience of running percussion and samba drumming workshops with Cubs, Scout, Guide Groups and many other community organisations and youth groups. We have also worked with community and youth group leaders to design programmes of percussion and samba drumming as well as helping to start percussion and samba bands.

Teambuilding Workshops

Strengthening Communities

For community organisations, participating in percussion drumming or a percussion or samba band can also help to fill the social void of many young people today. Percussion and drumming in particular has been woven into the social context of many societies throughout history. Playing in a group percussion or samba workshop can offer a physically challenging, cognitively stimulating, group experience which speaks to the social needs that youth in our society are calling out for. Participants can discover a sense of community, because they have to work together to accomplish a common goal. Group percussion is also an activity that can cut through the tough shell of many kids.

...Drumming is a challenge. It has helped me with my patience. I learned how to be determined and stick things out...

What will they get out of it?

Young people and kids can discover a sense of community, because they have to work together to accomplish a common goal. It helps with concentration and patience and can improve self-esteem.

Playing percussion creates a lot of fun and enjoyment. To spend a few hours learning to play unfamiliar rhythms on instruments they may never even have seen before, and then to produce a creditable performance is enormously rewarding. People find they can usually produce an acceptable sound on an instrument relatively quickly, without having to put in hours of practice. This makes workshops accessible to kids of all abilities. Group percussion and drumming is therefore a very positive activity for developing:

  • Personal skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Sense of community
  • Concentration
  • Social skills

What will they be doing?

Most people can learn by listening, so the participants do not need to have any previous experience of playing an instrument or the ability to read music. Our youth and kids drumming workshops include:

  • An explanation of the basics
  • Learning patterns for each instrument
  • Playing both in sections and together as a whole group
  • Learning visual and whistle cues for starting and stopping
  • Learning 'breaks' - the introduction of a different pattern, or a section playing on its own
  • Learning two or three different rhythms

How long does a percussion or drumming workshop or programme last?

A programme can be a single percussion, drumming or samba workshop experience or can be a series of workshops or events.

  • A few hours, an evening
  • One or two days
  • A weekend
  • A programme of short sessions

What Community Groups are saying about Percussion4U Workshops

...Percussion4u were very professional and passionate about their music, singing and dance, the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows of Walsall East had an amazing day that was set up to celebrate Thinking Day in Guidings 100th year, every member of the team were excellent with the girls and enthused them with every workshop, it was a very fitting way to celebrate and would not hesitate to work with them in the future, thank you again from all the leaders and girls.

... the Amplifier youth music project has hired Percussion4U to direct a new Samba and African drumming group for teenagers in Macclesfield ...For project managers it's always good to find people who exceed your expectations, who willingly get involved in planning and evaluation as well as delivering consistently good workshops ...I'm happy to recommend Percussion4U...
Martin Milner, Programme Manager, Amplifier Youth Music Programme for Cheshire.

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