Private Tuition

We give private percussion tuition on various instruments in many styles or rhythms:


Brazilian Samba Percussion conjures up images of Carnival in Rio, a whole Bateria of drummers, singers and dancers making the most explosive and loudest acoustic sound in the world. The softer, quieter indoor Samba is called Pagode, with similar rhythms but different instruments. You also think of congas and bongos.


The Cajon is an integral part of Cuban music. The music of Cuba is influenced mostly by African, European, and Chinese music. Cuban music has contributed to the development of many music genres such as Jazz, Salsa, Tango, Afrobeat, Flamenco and to various forms of Pop music around the world.


Afro-Brazilian drumming is a fusion between old African rhythms originating from the slaves and traditional Brazilian Samba. The music has mixed African heritage but has developed on its own for several centuries in Brazil, incorporating berimbau rhythms, sacred rhythms, and rhythms of modern carnaval.

Traditional Irish

The Bodhran is the traditional percussion instrument used in in the folk music of Ireland (also known as Irish traditional music, Irish trad or Irish folk music). Other popular instruments include the pipes, fiddle, flute, whistle, accordian and in more modern days, the guitar.

Our specialty Percussion Instruments are:


The conga, or tumbadora, is a tall, narrow, single-headed Cuban drum. They are used both in Afro-Caribbean religious music and as the principal instrument in rumba. Congas are now very common in Latin music, including salsa music, merengue music and reggae, as well as many other forms of popular music.


A Cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front face with the hands. Some Cajons have snare wires and bells inside to enhance the sound and to create different tones.


The drum skin is stretched over a wooden hoop and it has wooden cross effect holdbars inside. The drum is usually played with a beater. The Bodhran is great fun to play and very versatile, making it an ideal choice for a complete novice or an experienced player.

We take anyone from absolute beginner to advanced level. Individual or small groups are welcome and all instruments are provided by Percussion4U.

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For Harmonica tuition please contact Mat Walklate on his website.

Mat Walklate is a professional musician and music teacher. He plays Irish Traditional music on the flute, harmonica, whistle and uilleann pipes. He fronts two blues bands as a vocalist/harmonica player.and is a past British Blues Harmonica Champion. He also teaches harmonica in primary/secondary schools as well as privately. In 2008 he wrote the score for the play Happy & Married by Madani Younis of Freedom Studios The score featured only harmonicas! As a songwriter he has authored most of the original material for The Moochers and Depot and also composed a number of Irish traditional tunes.

Working with an accompanist, full band or backing tracks if required.

Julie has performed in many weddings over the years, local concerts and recitals including charity concerts and opera. Julie also offers a 10 week Foundation Singing Course.

Individuals or groups welcome.

Contact or visit her website.