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Samba And Percussion Drumming Workshops For Business, Corporate And Professional Events

We can provide provide events from conference energisers to team building events and team away days to recognise success.

Away from the pressures of normal everyday activities people will feel free to relax, express themselves and have fun.

In addition it's a great way to build teamwork or improve motivation as everyone can be involved (there is no audience!) with little or no musical experience.

So if you're looking for ideas for away days please contact us for more details or for a provisional quotation.

Corporate Drumming Services

  • Conferences
  • Team Away Days
  • Team Building Events
  • Introduction to Training Programmes
  • Icebreakers and energisers
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Awards and Dinners
  • Motivational Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Xmas Parties and Special Events

Music has the power to inspire, motivate and move us both as individuals and as members of a group or team. We can all relate strongly to musical sounds and rhythm. ...Just imagine how powerful it would be to experience making music together in your team, group, company or organisation...

What will you get out of it?

You may have people in your company, business or organisation who are under stress and may not be performing at their best. There may be an absence of teamwork and mutual support. People may also feel stressed.

Participating in group percussion sessions such as samba drumming workshops can be a cost-effective way to improve morale, motivation and teamwork as well as being personally rewarding and great fun.

It may even help people to defend themselves from the stress and burnout that can cause them to leave their jobs and help prevent absenteeism.

As an employer a percussion or samba drumming workshop or series of regular workshops could improve employee motivation, job retention, teamwork and reduce stress and absenteeism. It is simple to set up and requires no musical experience on behalf of the participants.

Experiential group drumming and percussion is also great for a range of other events such as Icebreakers, conference energisers as well as motivational, away days, team building exercises and social events. See the following articles for more information:

What will they get out of it?

Playing percussion creates a lot of fun and enjoyment. To spend a few hours learning to play unfamiliar rhythms on instruments you may never even have seen before, and then to produce a creditable performance is enormously rewarding. People find they can usually produce an acceptable sound on an instrument relatively quickly, without having to put in hours of practice. This makes workshops accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Drumming in a group or team is about working together as a team, rather than individual performance, readily demonstrating the notion of 'the whole being greater than the sum of its parts'. These are some of the things they may experience:

  • A sense of achievement and pride in the overall musical sound that is produced
  • Encouragement, motivation and enhancement of teamwork
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved concentration
  • A sense of fun and enjoyment

What will they be doing in a samba or percussion workshop?

People learn by listening, so the attendees do not need to have any previous experience of playing an instrument or the ability to read music.

Percussion or Samba Drumming Workshops are led by a professional facilitator and includes:

  • An explanation of the basics
  • Learning patterns for each instrument
  • Playing both in sections and together as a whole group
  • Learning visual and whistle cues for starting and stopping
  • Learning 'breaks' - the introduction of a different pattern, or a section playing on its own
  • Learning two or three different rhythms

How long does a programme last?

The more time there is available, the more the attendees sense of teamwork will be enhanced.

A programme could comprise a one-off workshop experience or a series of events. For example:

  • A few hours
  • Away days (one or two days)
  • Lunchtime or regular lunchtime event
  • A weekend
  • A programme of short sessions
  • Beginning or conclusion of a training event, workshop or conference or as an icebreaker or energiser

Tailored Percussion Programmes

Percussion4U understands that client companies will have their own individual requirements and particular focus such as improving team working, reducing stress, leadership development or simply as a "fun" event. With this in mind we are able to provide a tailored package to suit your needs. We can take your away day ideas and design a workshop to suit the objectives of the event, the size of the group and time available as well as providing all the instruments. If required we can organise the venue and catering as part of the package.

What Companies are saying about Percussion4U Workshops

Thanks - our people absolutely loved the workshop and we have already passed on your contact details...with our recommendation!
Alpine Electronics

Thanks - our people absolutely loved the workshop and we have already passed on your contact details...with our recommendation!

This is the best thing we've ever done on an away day!
Rolls Royce

...our people loved the samba workshop and are still talking about it!
Norwich Union

...One of the most enjoyable teambuilding away days I've ever been on.

Find out how a percussion workshop, samba workshop or drumming workshop can benefit your business and your employees.

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